The Maritime and Aeronautical departments are working to ensure delivery of services that meet international standards

Efforts are being made to enhance air navigation services in Guyana to maintain the standards of the international civil aviation body. This is according to Director of Navigation services, C. Heeralall who says as a signatory to the Chicago convention measures are in place such as the airport emergency plan.

“Some of the things we take a look at under the airport emergency plan are hijack, structural fires, bomb threats, malfunction in flights, accidents on and off the airport and sabotage” the director said, She notes that systems are in place to ensure that aeronautical services comply with the standards of international bodies.

Heeralall also notes that Guyana has been doing an excellent job with a few improvements to be made, she highlights that of the 115 airstrips in Guyana, 85 are operational.

Meanwhile, representative of the maritime department, Steven Thomas notes that with the magnitude of trading and other activities at sea, the department is currently making assessments.

“We have a very large fishing fleet, we have significant passenger river service, significant coastal and international maritime trade. We also have especially at the transport and harbour department a relatively large coastal passenger trade service.”

The Aeronautical and Maritime departments are collaborating to ensure the successful running of aircraft and ocean going vessels across the regions.

Source: NCN Guyana