Aircraft owners call for rehab of interior airstrips

The Aircraft Owners Association has renewed its call for the swift rehabilitation of airstrips in interior locations, since this will encourage greater economic activity within the aviation sector.

The Association’s President, Michael Correia made this call during the commissioning ceremony of the newly extended runway at the ogle international airport.

“The Aircraft Owners Association through the Private Sector Commission and as part of the National Competitive Strategy has been advocating that more emphasis must be placed on returning our interior airstrips to the standards of the early days of GAC when large aircraft like the Caribu and the HS-748 operated successfully into the interior” Correra said.

President Donald Ramotar pointed out that works are ongoing and a high percentage is expected to be completed by year- end, “ We will not flinch from our responsibilities of supporting the air transport sector indeed substantial sums have been set aside this year they have fortunately missed the scissors for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the airstrips throughout Guyana while we will continue to make investments in improving air safety”.

Mr. Ramotar said works undertaken to improve the facilities at the Ogle International Airport must be seen as a commitment to the investment climate

It was noted that the airport will become a major hub in the region. It currently facilitates some one hundred flights daily, including 24 scheduled flights to Lethem, 10 to Suriname and similar services to Brazil.

Source: NCN