Civil Aviation Awards Aviators

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) on Saturday evening honoured  long serving aviators, pioneers/entrepreneurs, and those that have made significant contributions to the sector but have passed on.

Public Works Minister Robeson Benn (centre in back row) is joined by the pioneers/entrepreneurs of aviation, long serving aviators and those who made significant contributions to the industry. (Courtney Frank photo)

GINA said that special awards of long service were given to Malcolm Chan-a-Sue, Col. Ret., Egbert Field, Col. Ret., Charles Hudson, George Loye, Godfrey Charles Archer, Margaret Chan-A-Sue, Jennifer Debarros, Major Patrick Nichols, Captain Lloyd Marshall – the longest serving pilot, and Fazel Khan, Ahmad Mazahar Ali, Bill Mohaboob, and Michael Charles – the only pilot in his group that remained in Guyana.

GINA added that  Michael Correia, Mohamed Ali, Kayman Sankar, Ronald Reece, Edgar Phillips (posthumously) – the first Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, Air Services Ltd., training school and the Art Williams and H. Wendt training school, were also honoured as the pioneers and entrepreneurs in the aviation sector.

Source: Stabroek News