Engine of crashed plane removed

More than one week after a Trans Guyana Airways Cessna Caravan went down into the densely forested area at Olive Creek, the engine of the wrecked aircraft has been removed and is in possession of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

GCAA Director Zulficar Mohamed said the engine will be shipped to its manufacturer in Canada and it will be examined under the supervision of the Canadian authorities, on behalf of the GCAA.

Upon completion of the inspection, a report on the findings of the Canadian authorities will be provided to the GCAA.

This process, Mohamed said will take some time, making reference to the airplane crash in April, 2013, at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara, which claimed the lives of two crew members on board. Mohamed stated that from feedback received, the inspection has been completed.

In addition, he also noted that the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) was also extracted from the wreckage, but could not have been examined at the crash site; thus, it was transported to the Ogle International Airport. There, it will be inspected to determine the reasons for it not being activated when the plane went down. He said if investigators cannot do so, it will have to be sent to its manufacturer for further examination.


The GCAA director added that once the investigations on site are completed, the aircraft will be handed over to the operator/owner, who is responsible for its removal.

On January 18, the Cessna Caravan bearing registration number 8R-GHS crashed just after take off from Olive Creek, claiming the lives of Blake Slater, 25, and cargo loader Dwayne Jacobs, 28.

The aircraft was at the time on a shuttle operation between Olive Creek and Imbaimadai, transporting fuel. The “Mayday” emergency call was broadcast around 10:56h on the day it went down; thus, an aerial search was immediately activated.

After 11 hours of searching, the wreckage was located on the following day in the Marikina Mountain by GDF Special Force officers. They were then inserted at a location some 1.2 miles from the wreckage and trekked on foot to the crash site.

They were joined by another team and managed to find both Blake and Jacobs. The bodies were recovered on Tuesday, January 21, and were flown to the city later that day.

Jacobs was laid to rest on Monday at the La Repentir Cemetery. The funeral service was attended by several top Trans Guyana Airways officials, including Captain Jerry Gouveia and Ogle International Airport Public Relations Consultant Kit Nascimento.

The body of Slater, a Canadian, had returned to Canada for his final rights to be read.

Source: Guyana Times