Caribbean Airlines lauds Guyanese loyalty

Despite recently reported unconfirmed threats against Trinidad-based regional Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), Guyanese passengers nonetheless packed the New York-bound aircraft earlier this week, with less than a dozen persons cancelling their flight. For that, CAL officials say they are forever grateful for the loyalty Guyanese continue to show, especially since it is a key market for the sky operator.

The assertion came from a Trinidad-based CAL team during a company’s Customer Appreciation Ceremony which was held at the Gravity Lounge on Wednesday. Airline officials also took the opportunity to express an earnest attempt to significantly improve customer service so as to better accommodate Guyanese travelers.

”We have great respect for the loyalty we have received from the Guyanese public,” Chairman for CAL’s Board of Directors Phillip Marshall said.

“CAL is very impressed and deeply grateful for the level of loyalty shown by Guyanese passengers during one of CAL’s most challenging periods in recent months;” referring to last week’s unconfirmed terror threat to flights out of Guyana.

“The past few days have reminded us what the true meaning of loyalty is,” Marshall said, highlighting also that “flights left Guyana with almost full loads.” There were fewer than a dozen cancellations, he said before reiterating that the regional carrier remains grateful to Guyanese for their patronage in the wake of the security threat to CAL’s mostly Boeing 737-800 planes.

Marshall said further that CAL has a focused approach to improving customer service. “Our future is inextricably linked to our customers from Guyana. It is a key market,” he charged. He continued that CAL has kept its promise to improve service and reduce some of the reasons for complaints by Guyanese passengers, by in recent months, offering both non-stop and direct flights to New York; easing the in-transit woes of Guyanese in the past; “but there is always room for improvement,” he opined.

Marshall urged Guyanese passengers not to be shy about complaining about the level of service the airline offers to Guyana, as feedback is critical to improve operations regardless of how negative. He said “Guyana is one of our core markets,” before expressing how pivotal is the business received from Guyana.
Local CAL boss Carl Stuart also expressed gratitude for the service Guyanese continue to give. He noted that the Guyana end will continue to work in favour of local passengers, while working also, to improve service and the whole CAL experience.

Also present at CAL’s special customer ceremony was Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn who touched a bit on the terrorist threat and steady service CAL continues to provide. Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (ag) Irfaan Ali was also present to receive the high praise the airline was serving.

Ali, however, expressed the need for improved treatment of Guyanese passengers before pointing out the level of business CAL receives from this country and the service which Guyanese depend on. He said that there is little difference between the two ports and urged for a consistently better relationship. While CAL has also indicated their willingness to providing affordable market prices, Minister Ali commended the airline, before taking them up on their word. Several persons were on the receiving end when CAL gave away free trips and tokens of appreciation.

Source: Kaieteur News