Complaints spark management audit at GCAA

At least two senior managers at the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) are expected to go on leave as early as next week.  Minister of Public Works Minister Robeson Benn has directed that a management audit be conducted into the operations of the agency in light of numerous complaints pouring in over the conduct of some staffers, senior agency officials told Kaieteur News yesterday.

According to one senior official, the agency’s Board of Directors, at a recent meeting, suggested that an audit be conducted to ascertain the managerial aspect of the agency. The proposal was seconded by the Public Works Minister.

It was explained that the issue involves complaints about certain managers’ mode of operation which pertained to alleged “autocratic behaviour and acts of nepotism.”

It was explained, further, that complaints point to proper systems and policies, “especially disciplinary actions,” not being taking when handling matters. The official claimed that complaints deem the functionaries as being “re-active rather than pro-active.”

The official also claimed that members of the aviation industry have been especially vocal on the matter,
In the meantime, Kaieteur News understands that the navigation services and aviation safety regulation department are set to be probed. To what the officials are calling a “systematic breakdown”, it is expected that the regional oversight body, Regional Aviation Safety Oversight System (RASOS) is likely to conduct the investigation.

It is also expected that security oversight will take precedence, while an audit of the entire system could be conducted. A report at the end of this probe is expected to be returned to the Board and to the Public Works Minister.

While the Head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Zulphicar Mohamed, did not want to speak too early on the matter, he did say that the audit will look into the functions and procedures of the agency.

Previously, members of the aviation sector have been even more vocal in their calls to strengthen the Aviation Authority. They have alleged poor management practices, particularly in the agency’s oversight ability and addressing issues of incidents and accidents.

The local aviation sector has also been marred by allegations of cover ups and snail pace investigations being conducted with results almost never being made public. Recently, aviation officials reported a plane crash which may have resulted from the pilot allegedly using his cell phone during takeoff. They complained that the information was allegedly being covered up.

The Aircraft Owners Association had also voiced its opinion that much work was needed to boast the local flight agency. They presented a five part proposal to the government to hopefully be considered in this year’s budget. They however expressed dissatisfaction that not even a part of the proposal was incorporated in plans for the sector.

The Association had indicated that the local aviation is suffering even as it tries to improve and maintain the system.

Source: Kaieteur News