Mining company enters aviation sector as part of expansion

One of the biggest names in mining and construction, BK International, is about to enter the aviation field as part of plans to expand the mining aspect of the company’s operations. BK has purchased existing company, Jag’s Aviation, acquiring all existing assets. This includes the company’s Britten-Norman Islander Aircraft which is capable of transporting up to nine passengers.

BK’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Tiwarie, said that while moves are not yet geared toward commercial operations, the company is seeking advancement into the sector in support of its quarry mining. He said that the inclusion of air support would better enable the operations.

A subsidiary, BK Quarries, has massive operations in the Mazaruni. Last month, the BK Group commenced training 20 young people from the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Empowerment (SKYE) initiative.

The year before, 10 persons were part of the BK Group Apprenticeship Programme. The apprentices took part in a six-month training programme at the company’s quarries in various areas. They are trained as heavy duty equipment operators, mechanics, welders, carpenters and general construction workers.

Head of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Zulficar Mohamed said that the Authority was informed of a change in Jag’s shareholders. He said that the GCCA was also informed that Jags Aviation would be retaining its name, current operation and security features.

Jag’s previous owner and founder, Mr. Umadat Jaggernauth operated interior charter flights, cargo, passenger, sightseeing and medical evacuation flights among others.

The company acquired its Air Operator Certificate in 2007 from the GCAA and began commercial operation that year.