Caribbean's first aviation university launched

Jamaica broke new ground on Tuesday when it launched the Caribbean’s first aviation industry oriented university, reports the Jamaica Observer.

The Aviation University of the Americas will be located at the Denbigh Agricultural grounds in Clarendon, and classes are expected to begin in October.

The University will offer both undergraduate and graduate programmes in aviation technology, aviation finance, aviation management, security, interior design and aviation agricultural science with supporting courses in customer service, entrepreneurship, information technology and languages.

Registration for the 2-3 year programmes will begin on August 18, and costs less than a million Jamaican dollars (approximately 9,000 U.S. dollars) for CARICOM residents according to Dave Robertson, head of the University. Robertson added that non nationals will pay five to six times that of the CARICOM residents.

The University will not offer flight training but will offer professional aviation consultancy for students who seek to obtain a pilot license.