Brit travels 18,479 miles in five days for British Airways Gold Card

British Airways rolled out the red carpet at Heathrow this week for a customer who had travelled a staggering 18,479 miles in just five days on 12 flights, in an effort to bag himself a British Airways gold card.

Adam Rowland, a 30-year-old online marketing manager from Epping decided to take on the challenge and document his entire experience through an online blog (, in which he explained that as well as trying to achieve a British Airways gold card in less than a week.

He also hoped to use the trip as a way of overcoming personal challenges, including a ‘white-knuckle fear of turbulence’ and ‘seeking pleasure in the company of strangers’.

Writing on his blog Adam said: “I’d convinced myself that I would never get to Gold the long way round and then I found a way that I could. I’d broken out of the boundary that I’d set myself and the challenge was afoot. It might not be the most conventional way of spending a long weekend, but then again I’ve never been that much of a fan of convention.”

James Hiller, British Airways’ Executive Club Manager said: “A member of our team at British Airways spotted Adam’s blog and we’d been watching him as he criss-crossed the Atlantic.

“It’s an incredible achievement and we are delighted to award him the Gold card he’s achieved with his flying, and we look forward to welcoming him as a Gold customer on his next journey with us.”

Adam was officially presented with his new Gold card at Terminal 5 yesterday afternoon in the First lounge at Terminal 5, which he will now be able to make full use of.

Adam’s itinerary included:

  • 18,479 miles
  • 12 flights
  • 3 airlines
  • 9 airports
  • 2 hotels
  • 45 hours in the air
  • 3 countries
  • 7 cities

The Brit started his journey at London City Airport, then flying on from city to city. The itinerary included the following flights:

  1. London City to Amsterdam
  2. Amsterdam to Heathrow
  3. Heathrow to Boston
  4. Boston to Los Angeles
  5. Los Angeles to Honolulu
  6. Honolulu to Los Angeles
  7. Los Angeles to Washington Dulles
  8. Washington Dulles to Charlotte
  9. Charlotte to New York
  10. New York to London City
  11. Heathrow to Amsterdam
  12. Amsterdam to London City

The British Airways Executive Club is free to join. Members can collect Avios, the club currency, to spend on flights, upgrades and other travel rewards.

Source: British Airways