Fly Jamaica closer to obtaining clearance for second aircraft

The relatively young airline, Fly Jamaica is anxiously awaiting clearance from the Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority as they’ve reached much closer to having into operations a second aircraft.

The Boeing 767 300ER which the company recently acquired and is now stationed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica, will soon be in operation; hopefully before the holidays begin.

The company’s representatives told Guyana Aviation that the plane will soon be ready to make its first landing in Guyana. A small ceremony is expected.

Fly Jamaica currently operates a Boeing 757. The company has however found itself in tight squeezes when the plane developed problems. This has resulted in delays and even cancellations.

The Boeing 767 300ER carries 12 business and 234 economy seats.

When Guyana Aviation last spoke with the airline’s Director Roxanne Reece, she had stated that the company was preparing its documentation to hand over to the necessary authorities.

The company had already commenced its approach to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Fly Jamaica operate routes from Georgetown, Guyana to Kingston, Jamaica; New York, United States; and Toronto, Canada.

Reece had told Guyana Aviation also that the company was making moves to a major market within South America. They were also looking at tourism prospects to up their service at major ports.

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