US hotels file claims against Dynamic Airways

Dynamic Airways is making it clear that its service will not be affected by bankruptcy proceedings filed by three hotels in the United States that have cited the airline as owing them money.
In their court documents, the hotels name Dynamic Airways as one of the companies which owes it money. The hotels want their money which is less than US$100,000 in total. The move is to recoup money for the non payment of hotel bills.
Dynamic Airways operates five weekly flights between Georgetown and New York and the local representative of the airline, Captain Gerry Gouveia in a statement last evening said “Dynamic International Airways has not filed for or heading to bankruptcy.”
He said the airline’s entrance into the Guyanese Market continues to be a rewarding one, giving Guyanese non-stop flights from Georgetown to New York at an affordable cost.
He added that the carrier’s service to the Guyanese Market “is here to stay and the Hotel’s in question bankruptcy proceedings will not hinder Dynamic’s service here in Guyana.”
While Dynamic Airways encountered service turbulence just as it entered the Guyana market, the airline’s service has improved considerably over the past months with improved arrival and departure times.
The airline started its service between Guyana and New York just over a year ago.
Source: News Source