Dominican Republic's airline PAWA is reborn

Dominican Republic’s airline, PAWA Dominicana, made ​​its maiden flight with a trip from Santo Domingo to Saint Maarten on Friday 14th August formally restarting its operation after several years of inactivity.
The airline will operate direct flights to Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten, and then gradually incorporate San Juan, Havana, Miami and New York in the near future.
Speaking at the rebirth event, Director General of the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), Alejandro Herrera, said that there are conditions for the emergence of Dominican Republic airlines to increase and facilitate the country’s connectivity with the rest of the world.
“Our country enjoys political and economic stability. We have an aviation system in optimal conditions, and the market appears attractive,” Herrera told reporters at the inaugural ceremony.
Chief Executive Dominican PAWA, Simeon Garcia addressing the gathering at the ceremony said “currently, the Caribbean archipelago is disconnected. It is very difficult in many cases to travel from one island to another, and do it in one day is impossible, because one needs to travel to Panama and Miami and then make a return to the final destination in the Caribbean, against all geographical logic.”
“Our vision is to connect all the Caribbean countries directly from the Dominican Republic and cover routes not served now by any other regional airline, which will make the country the hub of the Caribbean, increasing the chances of connection the rest of the continent, “he added.
The inaugural ceremony at the Las  Americas airport was attended by representatives of aerospace companies Boeing, Embraer, Sabre and Sky Holding, among others.
The airline was originally founded in 2007, but several operational and financial constraints caused it to cease operations in 2012. PAWA Dominicana’s fleet consists of MD-80 and DC-9 aircraft.