Trans Guyana Airways announces new pilot training scholarships

Trans Guyana Airways (TGA) on Friday introduced two of their employees, Al Fredricks and Shivram Arjune, who have been awarded scholarships for pilot training at the Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. The two candidates were selected from a group of 10 applicants within the Company.
the two candidates will be leaving shortly for the overseas training programme which commences in October.
The overseas Pilot Training Programme began in January 2011 on a trial basis and was formally launched in September 2012. Since the commencement, 4 pilots have been successfully trained and have since become command captains.
Al Fredricks joined TGA in 2009 as a Flight Operations Officer and Shivram Arjune joined Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Service (CAMS) in 2011 as a trainee aviation mechanic. Together, they are the third pair of employees to be selected for the Pilot Training Programme.
Al Fredericks & Shivram Arjune