Fly Jamaica chooses TRAX Maintenance and Engineering Solution

TRAX announced that Fly Jamaica Airways has selected TRAX Maintenance and Engineering solution to manage their fleet. TRAX software will ensure that Fly Jamaica’s Maintenance and Engineering work along with records are in impeccable shape.
Jose Almeida, President and CEO of TRAX USA Corp., in a statement said,“our goal is to provide Fly Jamaica Airways with an exceptional Maintenance and Engineering solution and we are confident that TRAX will help improve the new airline’s overall operations. We are delighted to be a part of Fly Jamaica’s growth strategy and look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”
Fly Jamaica Airways will be implementing Version 11, the latest version of TRAX Maintenance. This version includes over 20 modules to cater to virtually every aspect of aircraft maintenance. TRAX Maintenance will be able to assist Fly Jamaica Airways in countless ways, from Material Management and Finance to Technical Records and Reliability. Fly Jamaica Airways will now have aircraft, inventory, and maintenance activity information integrated into one single system.
TRAX USA Corp., a global provider of aircraft maintenance software, maintains offices in the USA and United Kingdom. TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed to provide the most comprehensive and advanced MRO ERP software solution.