Trans Guyana Airways conducts evacuation test on its Beech 1900 aircraft

Following on the heels of its launching recently, Trans Guyana Airways (TGA) conducted a successful simulated evacuation test of its US$4M aircraft at the airline’s ramp last Thursday evening.
The test, which was overseen by aviation officials including a representative from the regional group Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS), was ran with 19 persons seated in the aircraft on the ground during a drill . With total darkness enveloping the craft, the phase was then deemed an emergency and the airline was tasked with ensuring the passengers were evacuated.
The benchmark set by the authorities for such drills is 90 seconds and the team was able to complete the task in 1 minute.
Airline representatives noted that the airline was able to beat the time with ease and this was followed by a briefing session between CASSOS’ representative Captain Osmond Lake and the airlines’ administrative and operations staff who took part in the exercise.
The aircraft will be utilized by the company mainly for international and regional flights but it will also be used for flights into the border community of Lethem in Region 9 as the airstrip there is significantly long to accommodate the type.
The Beechcraft 1900D, which soars as high as FL 250 0r 25,000 feet, is a prized acquisition by TGA as the twin-engine Turbo Propeller craft can reach local destinations at a significantly shorter time as compared to current aircraft operated on domestic routes such as the Cessna Caravan.
A flight into Lethem by the company’s Cessna Caravan lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, the Beechcraft can complete the trip into the Rupununi port-of-entry in an hour.
TGA officially commissioned the Beechcraft into its growing fleet on September 17 at a posh ceremony which was graced by the presence of President David Granger and other top government officials.