ICON Aircraft celebrates historic year with special A5 deposit offer

ICON Aircraft announced a reduced deposit for its A5 amphibious Light Sport Aircraft during the 2015 National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition, which the company is attending this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. For one week only, from 16 November to 22 November, the company is reducing the deposit for an A5 from $5,000 to $1,000. The offer is available for all orders regardless of whether they are placed in person at the show or online.
“2015 has been ICON’s most successful year to date,” said ICON VP of Sales Craig Bowers. “In addition to the first customer delivery this summer, this year also included an exceptionally well-received media debut among aviation publications and non-aviation outlets who flew the A5 in New York City. We are now building production aircraft at our new manufacturing facility in Vacaville, California. Given the media response and overwhelming enthusiasm for the A5, the aircraft backlog continues to grow quickly. Because of this increasing wait time for an A5, and in celebration of NBAA, we’re making it easier to become a position holder with a $1,000 deposit offer during the convention.”
ICON’s Vacaville facility is currently ramping up production and will accelerate into full-rate production next year. The company expects to deliver more than 100 aircraft in 2016 and over 400 the year after.