US bound passengers transiting Trinidad to be rescreened

Passengers traveling from Guyana to the United States via Port of Spain will now have to be rescreened in Port of Spain if they are required to deplane the aircraft.
The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was advised by Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) over the weekend of the United States Transportation Security Administration’s (US-TSA) new Emergency Amendment regarding security measures for foreign aircraft operators operating into the United States from the Last Point of Departure (LPD) including Piarco.
Moreover, to facilitate the requirements of the US-TSA Emergency Amendment, TTCAA informed GCAA that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Mutual Recognition of Aviation Security Measures between Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana is suspended in accordance with Article 10 (d) of the MoU.
In 2015, when the MOU was signed it was agreed that Georgetown’s (GEO) northbound passengers transiting Port of Spain (POS) would not have to be re-screened, instead were escorted to the Departures Lounge for their connecting flight.