Minister Patterson reports on progress of US$150M CJIA Expansion Project

Cheddi Jagan International Airport
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Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson on Friday reported on and led a government delegation on a site visit of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion project that is currently underway.

During the report, Patterson stated that monies budgeted as part of the 2017 allocation for the US$150M expansion project are close to exhaustion. That means that the Guyana government will have to seek access for the remaining funding for the project if it is to be completed by December this year.

“We have already expended the bulk of our money” Patterson said, explaining that the government has already certified works – through their consultants MMG Group and CEMCO – at 57 percent and have paid US$85M of the US$150M contracted sum.

Funding for the project is being provided by the Export–Import (ExIm) Bank of China to the tune of US$138M with the Guyana Government providing the remaining balance of US$12M.

Patterson said “we are in what we call the final lap. All the monies have to be expended so in the coming few months there will be an increase of activities.”

Contractors and consultants are being pushed to complete the project by the December 2017 deadline in order to draw down on the remaining loan amount or otherwise face forfeiture by the Chinese bank.

With the rainy season and peak passenger period approaching, it was reported that 62 percent of the total expansion project has been completed, and an assurance by Keliang Lui, Project Manager for China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC) that the project will be completed on time.

CJIA works completed to date, May 2017

CJIA works completed to date, May 2017

Runway Expansion

80 percent of the work at the Northeast end of the runway is completed while 60 percent is completed at Southwest end.

The major challenges ahead, as pointed out by Patterson is the imminent May/June and November/December cycle of rains. Patterson added that Hydromet predictions suggest that rainfall this year will be more intense than previous years.

The Southwestern end of the runway where the runway will be extended by over 2,700 feet had to be elevated by almost 100 feet of sand.

The approximately 2,300 feet of expansion works on the Northeastern end required less filling and is closer to completion.

At completion the runway will be expanded to 3360 meters (11,000 feet) from the current length of 2270 meters (7,500 feet) to accommodate larger aircraft.

CJIA Runway Expansion

CJIA Runway Expansion – Northeast end

CJIA Runway Expansion

CJIA Runway Expansion – Southwest end

CJIA Runway Expansion - Rendering

CJIA Runway Expansion – Rendering

Terminal Building

With a workforce of over 300 men at work in the terminal building, Patterson reported the new facility will be larger than provided for in the original contract.

Although only 57 percent of the new terminal is completed, optimism was expressed for a timely completion of the project, since large components of the infrastructure is prefabricated and already enroute or delivered.

To make way for continued operation during the project, temporary facilities are being constructed, even as the new arrivals and check-in area is nearing completion. Rehabilitated of the existing terminal will follow.

At the end of the project, the terminal building will be able to handle 548 passengers per hour and feature two jet bridges, two escalators, two elevators, and a departure lounge that can accommodate 450 seated passengers.

CJIA Terminal Expansion

CJIA Terminal Expansion

CJIA 2017 expansion infographics

CJIA Expansion Infographic

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