Guyana Aviation Stakeholders Collaborate on Training

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The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Roraima Airways and Air Services Limited has collaborated to provide training to engineering personnel in Guyana’s aviation sector. The AP Precision Hydraulics (APPH) aircraft landing gear overhaul training program was launched on Monday at Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

GCAA’s Director of Air Safety Regulations, Captain C. Kirkcaldy who spoke at the launch of the training program, hailed the collaboration as one which will enhance safety in Guyana’s aviation industry.

The collaboration among the Guyana aviation stakeholders for this kind of technical training is the first that is being hosted at the Roraima Hangar at Eugene F. Correia International Airport. Officials from GCAA, Roraima Airways and Air Services were in attendance for the opening of the historic training event.

In declaring the training open, Captain Kirkcaldy said “it is the first time I’m participating in such a collaboration and it is my pleasure to be a part of it because it will certainly enhance the capability for Aviation engineering safety in Guyana.” Kirkcaldy also hinted at future collaboration as new regulations for Guyana’s domestic operations get implemented.

Delivering remarks at the opening ceremony, Roraima Airways Director of Operations, Captain Learie Barclay stated, “it was the first time in my lifetime as an aviator that GCAA has actually paid a significant percentage for training. GCAA would mandate the operators and they would have to fund their training. So this is a landmark opportunity to see GCAA collaborate to fund a historic training [such] as this.”

Jason Farley, a Technical Supervisor at Roraima Airways, remarked that the operator expended as much as US$30,000 to overhaul one aircraft landing gear, noting that they have a fleet of five aircraft each of which carries three gears. Landing gear overhaul is required every six months, however, circumstances may require detailed inspection or overhaul more frequently due to the unprepared airstrips in Guyana’s hinterland.

It is anticipated that upon completion of the training, GCAA will issue approvals to the local Aircraft Maintenance Organization to carry out certified landing gear overhaul.

The training, which costs ‎£17,000 (GYD$4.5 million), has a duration of four days and is being facilitated by Mr. M. Grace, Senior Engineer at Heroux Devtex Company of Great Britain.

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Wayne Farley is a safety evangelist who has 30 years of experience in the aviation industry with many of those years spent as an air traffic controller in aerodrome, approach and area facilities. He is an aviation enthusiast and maintains an active blog.

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