Boeing suspends 777X load testing

Boeing 777X

During final load testing of the 777X static test airplane, a test which involves bending the wings of the airplane up to a level far beyond anything expected in commercial service, an issue arose that required the team to suspend testing.

The testing issue occurred during the final minutes of the test, at approximately 99 percent of the final test loads, and involved a depressurization of the aft fuselage.

In a statement Boeing said that the test team followed all safety protocols, and the company will conduct a comprehensive root-cause assessment over the coming weeks.

The static airplane has been successfully undergoing testing since June, and this was the final test for the static test article.

While our root cause assessment continues, the aircraft manufacturer does not expect that this will have a significant impact on aircraft design or on our overall test program schedule.

The Boeing said that they remain fully focused on safety as their highest priority, as they subject the 777X to a rigorous test program prior to first flight.