American Airlines suspends all flights to Guyana

American Airlines

American Airlines has announced that it will suspend all flights from the U.S. to Guyana with effect from March 16. This suspension will last through May 6.

This change is in response to decreased demand and changes to U.S. government travel restrictions due to coronavirus (COVID-19). The airline will:

  • Reduce international capacity by 75% year over year — from March 16 to May 6
  • Continue to operate one flight daily from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to London (LHR), one flight daily from Miami (MIA) to LHR and three flights per week from DFW to Tokyo (NRT)
  • Continue short-haul international flying, which includes flights to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and certain markets in the northern part of South America, as scheduled

In addition to the international changes, the airline anticipates its domestic capacity in April will be reduced by 20% compared to last year and May’s domestic capacity will be reduced by 30% on a year over year basis.

American began operating four weekly flights to Guyana from Miami in November 2018. The New York to Guyana flights began in December 2019.