Civil Aviation Authority extends ban on international travel

airport closed

The ban of scheduled international flights into Guyana has been extended to une 17 by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. This is the third extension related to the COVID-19 pandemic which the aviation regulator brought into force on March 17.

Under this ban, cargo flight, medical evacuations, flights making technical stops and special authorized flights are exempted.

Since the ban came in to force, there has been several charter flights repatriating foreign citizens and bringing in Guyanese who have been stranded overseas. At least one charter flight has been given approval to bring more Guyanese home in the coming days.

Guyana has reported 153 confirmed cases of the coronavirus including 12 deaths. Worldwide, the dreaded disease has sickened over 6.5 million people, and killed more than 387,000 people since December 2019.