Eastern offers weekly flights between JFK and Haiti

Eastern B777

Starting on July 15, Eastern Airlines will offer weekly flights between New York’s JFK International Airport and Port Au Prince, Haiti. According to the airline’s website, they have been approved to offer flights between the two cities with fares from $299 one-way and one free checked bag (up to 70 lbs.).

Since the airline’s resurrection, it launched scheduled flights Guayaquil, Ecuador in January 2020 and had planned a scheduled service to Guyana from its New York hub until the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the service.

As borders began closing to stem the spread of the deadly virus, Eastern has been engaged in repatriation flights around the Americas including Guyana, Grenada and Panama racking up more that 100 flights and transporting thousands back to their home countries.

It is unclear if the Haiti service is year-round or just for the months of July and August.

The airline recently purchased a Boeing 777, and is also set on U.S. domestic service based on its recent application to serve between the cities of New York and San Diego, California. Eastern will begin New York to Los Cabos, Mexico flights on Aufgust 29.

Photo credit: JL Johnson