Caribbean Airlines expands in the Eastern Caribbean


Subject to regulatory approvals Caribbean Airlines will launch service to the Eastern Caribbean from Barbados effective July 22, 2020. Flights will initially operate between Barbados to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada with other destinations to be added once the regulatory approvals are received. 

The route expansion into the Eastern Caribbean is part of the airline’s current strategic plan. Earlier this year, Caribbean Airlines acquired additional aircraft and resources including pilots and cabin crew to support this initiative.

CEO of Caribbean Airlines, Garvin Medera stated: “Transport is a main pillar of Caribbean States, where it provides a space for the facilitation of trade, investment, and the movement of people.  Regionally and internationally, there is a lot to restart, and subject to regulatory approvals Caribbean Airlines is resuming our 2020 plans to expand routes in the Eastern Caribbean. This will begin from Barbados, as its borders are now open to commercial services. For us, improving connectivity is a strategy that has been in the making and we have carefully planned for this expansion, using data and other research to guide our decisions.” 

Caribbean Airlines Flight Schedule

BW200MO,TU,FR,SABGISVD5.15 p.m.6.00 p.m.
BW200MO,TU,FR,SASVDGND6.55 p.m.7. 30 p.m.
BW201MO,TU,FR,SAGNDBGI8. 25 p.m.9. 25 p.m.
BW204WE,SUBGIGND7.55 a.m.8.50 a.m.
BW204WE,SUGNDSVD9.45 a.m.10.25 a.m.
BW205WE,SUSVDBGI11.25 a.m.12.10 p.m.

Since the announcement in June that LIAT would by liquidated, six carriers including Caribbean Airlines have stepped forward to offer services in the region.

interCaribbean Airways recently announced plans to fly between Barbados and Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Dominica