CJIA unveils “Welcome to Guyana” sign featuring Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant mural unveiled at CJIA

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) in partnership with Eddy Grant, Ice Records, and Ringbang on Thursday unveiled a “Welcome to Guyana” sign at the country’s main international airport.

The 20 x 12 feet mural which is an incredible reminder of Eddy Grant’s contributions to Guyana’s culture, stands at one end of the arrival corridor for all passengers to see as they disembark aircraft.

The management of CJIA is hoping that passengers interface with the image and world-beating music, while snapping as many pictures, as they wish.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said, “Guyana owes a debt of gratitude to Eddy Grant for his sterling contributions to this country. He has also been instrumental in bringing much needed international recognition to Guyana through his many achievements worldwide. Therefore, it is without a doubt that I believe that he is worthy of our acclamations.”

Musical Icon, Eddy Grant in response said, “I am extremely happy, that I have received such recognition, at this my country’s main port of entry. It is indeed a thoughtful gesture and one that I of course applaud and will treasure. Guyana has a special place in my heart, not because it is the country of my birth, but because, it has taught me some extremely valuable life lessons, that have been instrumental to my success. I am truly humbled.”

Grant, who was born in Plaisance, British Guiana, was a founding member of The Equals, the first of the United Kingdom’s racially integrated pop groups whose recording of his song “Baby Come Back” was number one on almost every chart in the world and like all other Grant compositions have enjoyed continued popularity throughout many decades.

Grant’s subsequent solo career which would come to surpass that of the Equals, includes a number of classic recordings, like the platinum single “Electric Avenue”. He also pioneered the genre RINGBANG.

Ringbang is a fusion of music genres with an associated philosophy and aesthetic (The Ringbang Philosophy) based on love for one’s self first and respect for others. Grant, who rose to stardom in the 1970’s, has released 15 studio albums, 13 compilation albums and 19 singles. His album “Killer on the Rampage” peaked at Number 10 on the Billboard Chart.

Grant’s Grammy nominated single “Electric Avenue” which has featured in many Hollywood movies, the BMW Super Bowl video presentation, received Multi-Platinum accreditations worldwide as did “I Don’t Wanna Dance” and Gimme Hope Jo’anna which topped the charts in every country apart from the USA.

The sale and distribution of Eddy Grant-branded merchandise, including the four Guyana postage stamps issued in his honor, promotion of the “Ringbang Philosophy” and interactive social media engagements will also be featured, as part of efforts to highlight the life and extensive works of Eddy Grant.