Guyana repatriation flight schedule published

Guyana repatriation flight

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has published the schedule for repatriation flights to Guyana from the United States.

Over the next three weeks, US-based Eastern Airlines will operate six repatriation flights from Miami and New York.

According to GCAA’s published schedule, the flights will be conducted on August 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26 as for follows:

August 11, 2020MIA08:30hGEO12:55h
August 11, 2020GEO14:55hJFK20:40h
August 12, 2020JFK08:30hGEO14:15h
August 12, 2020GEO16:15hMIA20:45h
August 18, 2020MIA08:30hGEO12:55h
August 18, 2020GEO14:55hJFK20:40h
August 19, 2020JFK08:30hGEO14:15h
August 19, 2020GEO16:15hMIA20:45h
August 25, 2020MIA08:30hGEO12:55h
August 25, 2020GEO14:55hJFK20:40h
August 26, 2020JFK08:30hGEO14:15h
August 26, 2020GEO16:15hMIA20:45h

In order to be able to travel to Guyana, the electronic Repatriation Form available via GCAA’s website must completed.

Additionally, a molecular biological PCR test for COVID-19 must be completed, and the negative result sent to [email protected]. The test result is valid for 14 days from time of collection to time of travel.

23 thoughts on “Guyana repatriation flight schedule published

  1. Hi I’m stranded in Barbados since April an missing my 2 kids so bad can you please let me know if the having any flights to Guyana from Barbados please.

  2. This is a good start at least plp will know when to get their flights on time and do their covid test in time, one question will there be any flights to and from the carribbean this month as well?

    1. That I cannot answer, but I assume flights will be based on quantity of people intending to travel.

  3. Hi my name is kareshma Jaikissoon and i am living in Canada but am I am on a flight to go Guyana on the 14 August 2020, on the repatriation flight because of a death.. i would just like to know what will be my next step when I land in Guyana to get back to Canada? Thank you

    1. Hello Kareshma, there are no restrictions for departure from Guyana, and you can make arrangements with the airline to return on any of their flight. Just note that you make be required to meet the stipulations of the country to which you are traveling.

  4. Mr Farley, I’m wondering if you and the members of your team really do understand how frustrating it is, to be away from your family, stranded, no employment, relying on the resources of others, trying to get back on your feet but just can’t.
    Six of us came from Antigua since March, and we’re still here. All we’re hearing about is international repatriation, awhile hundreds of people are stranded regionally.
    Can you please say something to us, we will definitely appreciate answers.

  5. Good morning Wayne my mom needs to go back to Guyana she been here since last December her meds are out I took her to do the COVID text I filled out forms on the internet and no word since June can you help me get on one of these flights to Guyana

  6. Can someone stuck in Guyana take the flight to MIA then connect to their home destination in the Caribbean on another airline? This would be of great help to Caribbean nationals desperate to go home!

  7. Dear Mr. Farley,

    I am inquiring on the duration of validity from the date of testing, for the COVID-19 test when repatriating into Guyana. Thank you.

  8. Good afternoon Mr.Farley
    I am inquiring on the duration of validity from the date of testing, for the COVID-19 test when repatriating into Guyana.
    Just to piggy back on the above question. For example if i were to travel on Friday and had my test done on Monday to be sure i get the results in a timely manner, it would mean the result would be three to four days old by the time i arrive in Guyana.
    I appreciate your time and assistance with this.
    thank you very much

    1. We are not aware of any at this time, but will publish the flight schedule as soon as it becomes available.

  9. The repatriation form has 2 locations for quarantine, are those the only 2? I have an overseas worker coming in; can he self quarantine once he produces a negative result for PCR test for COVID-19 ?

    1. I am unable to speak to that. We simply publish aviation and air travel news. Perhaps the health authority website may shed some light on this.

    1. The first step is to complete the repatriation form, then once green-listed, flight arrangements can be made.

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