Minister Indar visits Eugene F. Correia International Airport

Ogle airport, Eugene F. Correira International Airport

Honourable Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. Deodat Indar, on Tuesday visited the Eugene F. Correia International Airport and met with senior airport officials. Included in the meeting were the Chairman of the Ogle Airport Inc., Mr. Michael O. Correia (Jnr), Chief Executive Officer of the Airport, Mr. Anthony Mekdeci, and Public Communications Consultant, Kit Nascimento while Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Capt. Gerald Gouveia, and Mr. Gerald Gouveia (Jnr), Director of Roraima Airways Limited, attended virtually.

A comprehensive briefing on the operations of the Airport by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was conducted and was followed with a brief tour of the Airport.

Minister Indar enquired into the major matters of concern, needs and developmental priorities of the Airport going forward. Additionally, the Minister expressed his dedication and commitment to ensuring that the Airport gets full support from the Government of Guyana, so as to maximize profitably and create a modern, efficient and affordable service to its customers. 

Further, Minister committed to holding regular meetings with the Airport’s management and to making his office fully and readily approachable at all times to the management.  

Scheduled international flight operations has been suspended at the airport since March 18.

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  1. How soon can we look forward for the reopening, stranded Guyanese need to come home the frustration is too much.

    1. Only the government of Guyana can answer your question, but when any anouncement is made, we will publish it here.

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