Caribbean Airlines granted approval to operate POS-GEO repatriation flight

Caribbean Airlines

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) on Monday confirmed that approval has been given for Caribbean Airlines to operate a repatriation flight from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Guyana on September 9.

The proposed flight is one in a series that the local authority has approved to get stranded Guyanese back to their homeland.

Guyanese seeking to return home are encouraged to complete the online repatriation form in a timely manner.

In light of the closure of Guyana’s borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a limited number of repatriation and special authorized flights are being allowed to get Guyanese home.

Process for repatriation to Guyana

  • Step 1 – Complete the electronic Repatriation Form
  • Step 2 – Do a molecular biological PCR test for COVID-19. Submit a scanned copy or a clear photograph of the PCR test results to: [email protected] The test result is valid for 14 days from time of collection to time of travel.
  • Step 3 – Once green-listed, names will be submitted to the “airline” and a representative will reach out to you for scheduling and ticketing
  • Step 4 – Upon arrival in Guyana, agree to the terms outlined by the Health Officials.

15 thoughts on “Caribbean Airlines granted approval to operate POS-GEO repatriation flight

  1. Grt Job on the advance notice. I hope they will say something soon for at least 1 copa flight to pic up persons from latin america and south america through panama (copa ). copa is doing transit flights to places like mexico, quito, guayaquil, santo domingo, miami, new york, santiago de chile, sao paulo, panama. At least 10 destinations where persons can transit through panama. They can do 1 humaniterian flight there but give advance notice. They can make arrangements now for september so plp can get there covid test on time. Please note….Mexico do not have a Guyana consulate so persons may not be able to go through such means. So they depend on what is coming out here and other news source.

  2. Hi good night what date exactly is the flight and how long do I have to take the test before I travel ty

    1. September 9 is the flight date. The test result is valid for 14 days from time of collection to time of travel.

  3. This is great that Guyanese will be able to return home. Is there any word on other Caribbean Nationals who have be stranded here in Trinidad? There is a couple from Antigua who have been stranded since March and unable to return home. They were advised that CAL was going to have flights to Antigua and to purchase a ticket however the day before the scheduled flight date they were contacted and advised that the flight is cancelled due to Trinidad boarders being closed. Any advise on the status of flights for other Caribbean nationals will be appreciated.

    1. Trans Guyana Airways has 3 flights planned from Barbados to Guyana in September. I will publish the dates and times once it is finalised.

  4. Good evening I would like to know what date in October 2020 would be the next flight ✈️ to guyana

    1. Both Antigua and Barbados airports are open so you are likely to find a commercial airline that can get you from one to the other. I am unaware of any repatriation flights that will fly from Antigua.

  5. Hi good evening. I would like to know if there is any up date information about flight from Trinidad to guyana for October 2020

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