Passengers recount scary moment on Eastern Airlines Flight 231

Eastern Airlines

Passengers on Eastern Airlines Flight 231 from Guyana to New York on Tuesday August 25th are beginning to recount the scary moment on board the flight as it begun its descent into New York.

Rechana Rahaman, a passenger on Flight 231 told Guyana Aviation that, “The flight attendant announced that they will be making an emergency landing, and that there was no fire. They demonstrated the [brace] position and we had to cross our hands across our legs and keep our heads down. We were like that for about 30 minutes and then the captain announced that the engine had over heated.”

Ephah, a mother traveling with her child, said that an announcement was made by the flight crew about half an hour before landing saying that they were preparing to land and reported the weather conditions at JFK. She explained that shortly after that announcement, another was made saying that all sharp or pointy objects are to be removed, seats belts to be put on and the brace position to be adopted in preparation for an emergency.

Ephah recounting her experience on Eastern Airlines Flight 231

Several other passengers took to social media recounting their experience and refuting the public statement made by Eastern Airlines.

Crystal Nandalall give this account on her FaceBook page:

Eastern Airlines’ statement:

Eastern Airlines’ statement via FaceBook said in part “an emergency incident onboard our aircraft – this is simply untrue.”

In response to a comment made by Ephah Hendricks on FaceBook, Eastern Airlines said, “We apologize for the inconvenience this caused. We understand these circumstances may seem unusual and impact your travel experience. However, we are grateful that there was no risk or danger on the flight and that our team followed complete FAA protocol and everyone is safe. Please contact us directly if you have any questions!”

215 passengers were on the flight that were repatriating citizens as part of a series that has been approved by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority while the international airports remains closed to scheduled flight operations.

Eastern Airlines has weekly flights planned to Guyana from Miami and New York through the end of October.

Aircraft Details

Serial number23306 LN:125
First flight date16/09/1985
Plane age34.9 years
Aircraft Details

Guyana Aviation reached out to Eastern Airlines for a comment, but none was received at the time of publication.

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  1. Thank God everyone was safe and all is well.
    This is a follow up from my last message Mr. Farley.
    I am attaching the link below so those in charge who are making decisions on possible flights, can probably make considerations for at least 2 or 3 flights a month using copa airlines, which i believe would be abit more cheaper for many, im sure if they approach the airline they will be very willing to work along with you guys. Copa has now extented from 10 to 15 destinations. I did recall panama saying once Guyana opens in september they have no problem working with them. However if not guyana can still make humanitarian/repatriation flights from there.
    This is the link for your guidance and consideration:
    Regards T.

    1. Hello T, I will forward your message to the relevant authorities, like I did with the previous one.

  2. An engine shutdown isn’t overly concerning especially in that phase of flight. Perhaps the crew’s choice of words served to alarm the passengers when they were told to get into the “crash position”. This is something that’s trained for by the pilots during each recurrent ride.

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