Phased reopening of Guyana’s international airports delayed once again

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In what has become a trend in the last few months, the phased reopening of Guyana’s international airports has been delayed again. The Official Gazette of Guyana issued on Monday confirmed that the country’s gateway will remain closed until September 30, 2020.

The extension comes just hours before the previously issued directive is set to expire. Scheduled international flight operation in Guyana has been continuously suspended since March 18.

The gazette noted that limited repatriation flights, outgoing flights, cargo flights, medivac flights, technical stops, and special authorised flights will continue to operate.

Aviation stakeholders have been preparing for the restart of aviation activities since the GCAA implemented Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 virus.

GCAA’s Director-General Egbert Field on Friday said, “The airport is ready; the Civil Aviation Authority is also ready but we cannot do things in isolation. We have to make sure that everybody is on the same page and everybody is ready. If one part is not ready then it cannot happen.” He added that the Ministry of Health is an important stakeholder in this decision.

In the interim, GCAA has approved a slew of flights to repatriate citizens and residents stranded in the Caribbean and North America. Eastern Airlines has weekly flights from Miami and New York scheduled through the end of October, while a Caribbean Airlines flight from Trinidad has been scheduled for September 9.

Guyana has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases with a confirmed total of 1,234 and a death toll of 36; and 6 pm to 6 am curfew has been reimplemented.

10 thoughts on “Phased reopening of Guyana’s international airports delayed once again

  1. Y all them health authorities dont wait them *** how long more people must have to wait on them becuz them just wasting time becuz me or nobody in see wat uses them keeping the airport closed for Becuz them cant even slow the virus down becuz if them did closed the region 1 long rass nun of this wouldn’t have be happening set of *** them them is the president to pass orders to dont open airports all them is a waste of time in guyana thats y Guyana remain just like how it is becuz of them now people the guyanese have to wait till them slow virus down lol waste having health care people in guyana to help with slowing virus down best them in do shit

    1. We appreciate your feedback, but can we please keep the conversation civil without name calling and indecent language.

      1. Hi Wayne. Fair enough about the bad language. But people just ‘FED UP’ even for myself,my plans are no more. Has there are people in the UK like me,who want to reach in Guyana. Let’s honest and I ask you the question. Do you think Georgetown airport should only now to international flights ? With this Chinese virus around the world,Guyanese just want to get home.

        1. Hi Desmond, I totally understand the need for people to travel. I myself would love to get back in the air, but my opinion is of no consequence. My best guess is that the government don’t have the capacity to deal with any mass infection that may (or may not) happen if the airport is open. I will try to get an explanation from someone in authority and report it here. That is the best that I can do as a regular citizen with no ties to the government.

          1. All there government official people just killing out Guyanese with stress and depression, how long more this game gonna keep on going . Airport close covid rising where it coming from ?

            This is some game going on by keeping the airport border / closed, we need to come home this is too much we can’t take it anymore this is since march Guyanese away from home and can’t get home. Suriname is so close and still no flight no ferry , today we check at Gumair and the say it is Guyana don’t want anyone entering , seriously

  2. I feel that Guyana should not let everyone in. Guyana should check everyone properly because if Guyana was not a holy place, we would probably be dead like in North America. Millions of people have died in and I feel sad although I don’t have the virus. And however God is good all the time, why this? Next time they open the airport check all passengers properly otherwise the world is finished. Do you agree with me?

  3. Hi, Waney, am trapped in Guyana for the past 6 months now, how can I have assess to the limited repatriation flight that was mentioned above that is at work, I want to move to Panama. Thanks you

    1. Contact Eastern Airlines. You can get a flight to Miami, then take a Copa Airlines flight to Panama.

      1. Good morning Mr. Wayne,
        I pray your morning started off well, you see, plp indeed want to go to panama and im sure there are more persons, seems like lack of passengers may not be the issue after all hhmm.. imaging the waste of money having to go to usa then panama when gt could do 1 or 2 direct repatritation flights per month they will get plp to go and return once they put the notice out early. You have a bless and a safe day Sir.

        1. Thanks for your comments T. We appreciate the continued feedback and have been passing along your comments to the GCAA which in now handling repatriation matters.

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