Crashed aircraft discovered in Guyana with cocaine and dead man onboard

plane crash

The wreckage of a crashed aircraft which was reportedly heading to Suriname has been found in Guyana by the members of the armed services several hundred yards from where a Cessna 172 was found on Sunday night.

An official from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the discovery and said that investigations are ongoing.

BIG Smith News Watch reported that the second craft was found with remains of a male and a large quantity of cocaine on board.

During interrogation last evening, the three nationals from Venezuela and Brazil who were found on the Cessna 172 and told detectives that the other plan which it was traveling along with was suspected to have crashed.

The discovery of the second plane moments ago confirmed the suspicion of the men who remain in police custody and are assisting with investigations. They are two pilots and a mechanic. The identity of the man whose body was found on the crash plane is not yet known.

The three-member crew from the first craft indicated that they were heading to Suriname when they developed a mechanical problem and the 206 was forced to crash land at the airstrip located at Issano, Mazaruni River Region 7.

Nothing illegal was found on the Cessna 172 or its crew and a search of the immediate surrounding where the plane was found on Sunday evening also did not reveal anything illegal.