Roraima Airways to operate relief flights to/from Barbados

Roraima Airways

Roraima Airways announced that it will be operating a special relief flight between Ogle and Barbados on September 18 with limited seats available for persons desirous of traveling between the two countries.

The proposed flight will depart Eugene F. Correia International Airport, Ogle on Friday morning and return from Barbados in the afternoon.

This is one in a series of flights that local airlines have put on to help get stranded citizens back to their home country. As Barbados’ Grantley Adams airport is open, connecting flights are available to North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Guyana has been deemed high risk by the Barbados government and as such, travellers must take a COVID-19 test at an accredited or certified facility or laboratory within 72 hours prior to arrival, and present a negative test result on entry.

Guyanese seeking to return home are encouraged to contact Roraima Airways on 592-225-9648 or 592-600-9914 to make flight arrangements.

In light of the closure of Guyana’s borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only a limited number of repatriation and special authorized flights are being allowed.

3 thoughts on “Roraima Airways to operate relief flights to/from Barbados

  1. Hello Mr. Farley Long time.. I pray all is well and safe with you.
    I know you give the info as it comes but by any chance would you be able to say if there will be any other flight between barbados and guyana or any other close country ?, and is there any word on at least one flight to latin america, I know of many who are stranded in Guyana from those countries that would like to get out and many guyanese would like to return, especially those who dont have visa. I really dont get the reason for such delay for just one trip this side. i really wish if the organisers of these flight will actually listen and send at least one flight this month to panama at least. There are 30 destinations now to and from panama and up to now Guyana have not made contact with copa for at least 1 flight, im deeply sadden as a student how much i have to suffer waiting and hoping because i dont have visa to go to those other countries like canada and usa to get on a repatriation flight. what i suggest is that they ask all persons stranded in latin america to go to panama and they can make one thing to pick everyone from there. my student card will expire soon, i cant even get a job because im here as a student. smh….. Can you please send this updated link so they can check it out, panama has updated to 30 destination now.

    May God grant them some wisdom to assist us at this part of the world.
    Have a bless day Mr. Farley

    1. Hello T, I have no new information to share on repatriation flights. I will however forward your message to the appropriate authorities.

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