Trans Guyana Airways to operate 3 weekly flights to Barbados

TGA B1900 takeoff

Trans Guyana Airways (TGA) plans to operate three weekly special relief flights between Guyana and Barbados during the month of October.

The proposed flights will operate every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, departing Eugene F. Correia International Airport, Ogle and returning from Barbados on the same days. These flights follow two that were conducted in September between the two countries.

According to TGA, the cost of the COVID-19 RT-PCR tests are included in the airfare, and passengers can easily access connecting flights to North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the airline and further information can be obtained by calling +592-222-2525.

Scheduled international flights in and out of Guyana has been suspended sinch March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with only a limited number of repatriation and special authorized flights being allowed.

The current flight suspension order by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is set to expire on October 1.

Flight Schedule

October 2, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 2, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 4, 2020OGL10:15BGI12:00
October 4, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 7, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 7, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 9, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 9, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 11, 2020OGL10:15BGI12:00
October 11, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 14, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 14, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 16, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 16, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 18, 2020OGL10:15BGI12:00
October 18, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 21, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 21, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 23, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 23, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 25, 2020OGL10:15BGI12:00
October 25, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 28, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 28, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45
October 30, 2020OGL11:15BGI13:00
October 30, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:45


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