Caribbean Airlines reactivates London route with Virgin Atlantic agreement

Virgin Atlantic

In a recent announcement, Caribbean Airlines confirmed the establishment of an interline agreement with Virgin Atlantic via Barbados. According to an article published by Gate Checked, there were rumors about the airlines’ plans to re-establish service to London with the help of Virgin Atlantic, but this is now confirmed.

“The flight schedule is also designed to offer seamless connections to international destinations including London, via our expanded interline agreement with Virgin Atlantic.”

The interline agreement allows for travelers from various islands to book flights directly to London with Caribbean Airlines. Passengers would then fly to Barbados on Caribbean Airlines, where they would then pick up the flight on London on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft.

Caribbean Airlines previously operated a transatlantic connection to London between 2012-2016 using two leased Boeing 767-300ERs which previously flew for LAN Airlines. The airline was forced to discontinue the route after suffering significant financial losses, and passed on the planes to Air Canada Rouge.

HT: Gate Checked