Guyana aviation stakeholders discuss transformational development

Ogle Airport Inc AGM

Minister of Public Works, Honourable Bishop Juan Edghill on Thursday charged members of the Aviation Association to “dream big” as tremendous opportunities are available to the sector.

Minister Edghill, who is the subject Minister for Aviation, was at the time attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Ogle Airport Inc (OAI) held in the Departure Lounge of the Airport.

It was during the feature address, by Minister Edghill that he outlined the plans for expansion and development in at least seven sectors inclusive of agriculture, mining, forestry, manufacturing, tourism, petroleum and ICT. He also pointed out to his audience that huge opportunities exist for engagements by the aviation industry.

The Public Works Minister highlighted the robust approach of the PPP/C Administration in facilitating development, and pointed out that within 40 days of the new administration he has taken to Cabinet for no-objection, the application for the importation of at least seven new aircraft and the establishment of two new airstrips.

Furthermore, he was keen to note that not only will new airstrips be established, but funds will also be directed towards the maintenance and development of all airstrips.

The Minister’s remarks were welcomed with a loud applause from the aircraft association. Nevertheless, the Minister signaled his intention to have Amerindian locals benefit from these works, by issuing contracts to them to ensure the airstrips remain clear and properly lit to transport emergency cases, as the need may arise.

It was on this note that Minister Edghill decried the issue of the theft of solar panels and called on locals to desist from this malpractice.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Ogle Airport, Mr. Michael Correia congratulated Minister Edghill on being elected to serve as Minister of Public Works and said he anxiously looks forward to collaborating with the Minister for the development of the aviation sector.

Also present at the OAI’s Annual General Meeting was Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Colonel (ret’d) Egbert Field, Air Transport Management Director, Saheed Sulaman and several other staff of the GCAA.