U.S. grants Caribbean Airlines approval to fly between Guyana and Houston


The U.S. Department of Transportation has granted approval for Caribbean Airlines to engage in scheduled and charter foreign air transportation of persons, property and mail from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (POS) via the intermediate point of Georgetown, Guyana (GEO) to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston (IAH), and between POS and IAH with a point beyond to GEO.

In a Notice Of Action Taken (NOAT) issued on September 29, approval of new exceptions were made under Title 49 (Transportation) of the United States Code in response to two separate applications made by the Caribbean Airlines. Approval was also granted to the Trinidad based carrier to operate into San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of an Eastern Caribbean milk-run.

In the original request dated July 22, 2020, Caribbean Airlines proposed scheduled flights between POS and IAH three times a week, along with the following charter routes POS-IAH-GEO and GEO-IAH-POS which they hope to operate twice per month.

It is unclear when these flights would begin as Trinidad’s borders remain closed. The airline also recently announced plans to send some employees on no-pay leave, reducing the salaries of others and temporarily laying off a third group.