Bermuda Airport is inviting people to test new passenger terminal

L F Wade International Airport, Bermuda

Skyport, the company responsible for Bermuda, L.F. Wade International Airport’s operations, is opening the doors at the new passenger terminal building to members of the public interested in serving as mock passengers in trials designed to test out of the new facility.

Trials and testing will take place once the construction is completed, but before the new terminal opens.

Between October 20 and November 19, Skyport will host a total of nine trial sessions, inviting more than 800 people to comprehensively test facilities, systems and procedures in the new passenger terminal building.

Mock passengers will play an important role during these trials because they will simulate all arrival and departure processes including check-in, security, US Customs and Border Protection clearance, boarding, disembarking, Immigration, baggage reclaim and HM Customs clearance.

Volunteers will also be assigned different roles to simulate potential real-life scenarios, from a medical emergency, to a passenger arriving with invalid travel documents. The trial operation forms the last step before the physical relocation to the new terminal building and the formal commencement of operations.

Mikaela Pearman, Marketing & Communication Officer, Skyport, says: “We are looking forward to opening up the new terminal to volunteers to act as mock passengers so that we can test out every area of the building. This is a unique opportunity for members of the public to get a first-hand look at the terminal before it opens to the general public. We would like to thank the public in advance for their cooperation.”

L.F. Wade International Airport

Trials will be held every Tuesday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm and every Thursday morning from 9 am to 11 am from October 20 to November 19 and will adhere to strict Covid 19 safety protocols. After each trial, participants will receive lunch or dinner as well as a gift box. Volunteers can resister here.

The Airport Redevelopment Project began in March 2017 after a Government-commissioned study found the existing terminal had reached the end of its useful life and a new replacement facility would be required. The 277,300 sq ft terminal was constructed at a cost of $250 million.