New explosives detection system integrated with baggage handling system deployed in the U.S.

explosives detection system

Smiths Detection integrated its explosive detection system (EDS) CTX 9800 DSi with a new tote-based Baggage Handling System (BHS) in Terminal 1 at the San Francisco Airport (SFO). The project marks the first use of a tote-based baggage handling system in the US.

In a tote-based BHS, every checked bag is placed in an individual-controlled tray or ‘tote’ equipped with a RFID chip to track and monitor each bag throughout the baggage handling process. Tote-based BHS offers more reliable bag handling, helping airports to reduce mis-tracked baggage while improving aviation security screening measures.

Already in operation in airports throughout Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the EDS integration to tote-based BHS delivers a consolidated and optimized process for screening checked baggage, enhancing airports’ safety.

Smiths Detection is the only EDS manufacturer to achieve TSA in-tote baggage certification for use within US airports. Shan Hood, President of SDI, commented, “We have gained expertise by working with a broad range of baggage handling system companies. That expertise, combined with the talent of our engineering and service teams, allows Smiths Detection to consistently deliver integration projects on-time, and on-budget, no matter where in the world.”

A tote-based baggage handling system integrated with EDS also minimizes the need for operators to handle goods in the Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area and lowers cross-contamination between operators and bags. Plus, it gives airports the option to have an early bag storage system to further enhance their passengers’ experience.