Venezuela open to flights from only 4 countries

Caracas Airport

The Venezuelan government on Monday extended flight restrictions into the country due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with the notable exception of flights to and from Turkey, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Iran.

Emergency flights, cargo and mail flights, technical landings, humanitarian flights, repatriation flights, United Nations flights and commercial overflights are also exempt.

The communique released by the Venezuelan Civil Aviation Authority (INAC) also restricts domestic commercial flight operations with the exception of El Gran Roque, the airport serving the Venezuelan archipelago 160 kilometers north of Caracas in the Caribbean Sea.

INAC implemented restrictions on international and domestic commercial flights in Venezuelan airspace since the pandemic begun in March, with the current extension taking it to November 12, 2020.

With the easing of restrictions, passengers are still required to comply with quarantine and other measures under strict supervision from the State.

Venezuela has reported a total of 92,705 COVID-19 infections with 805 deaths.

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