Information on Guyana Repatriation Flights

Guyana repatriation flights

USA Flights

September 22, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
September 22, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
September 23, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
September 23, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45
September 29, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
September 29, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
September 30, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
September 30, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45
October 6, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
October 6, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
October 7, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
October 7, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45
October 13, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
October 13, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
October 14, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
October 14, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45
October 20, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
October 20, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
October 21, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
October 21, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45
October 27, 2020MIA08:30GEO12:55
October 27, 2020GEO14:55JFK20:40
October 28, 2020JFK08:30GEO14:15
October 28, 2020GEO16:15MIA20:45

Canada Flights

September 19, 2020YYZTBDGEOTBD
September 19, 2020GEOTBDYYZTBD

Trinidad Flights


Barbados Flights

October 2, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 2, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 4, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 4, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 7, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 7, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 9, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 9, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 11, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 11, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 14, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 14, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 16, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 16, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 18, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 18, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 21, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 21, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 23, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 23, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 25, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 25, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 28, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 28, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30
October 30, 2020OGL11:15BGI12:45
October 30, 2020BGI15:00OGL16:30

Process for repatriation to Guyana

  • Step 1 – Complete the electronic Repatriation Form
  • Step 2 – Do a molecular biological PCR test for COVID-19. Submit a scanned copy or a clear photograph of the PCR test results to: [email protected] The test result is valid for 14 days from time of collection to time of travel.
  • Step 3 – Once green-listed, names will be submitted to the “airline” and a representative will reach out to you for scheduling and ticketing
  • Step 4 – Upon arrival in Guyana, agree to the terms outlined by the Health Officials.

Contact Nearest Guyanese Consulate

Guyanese who intend to be repratiated should contact the nearest Guyanese Consulate for more information.

Departing Passengers

There are no restrictions for departing passengers, however, the requirements of the accepting country must be met.

Passengers must make their own arrangements for travel out of Guyana.

Eastern Airlines Contact Info

Reach Eastern Airlines by calling 855-216-7601, using WhatsApp +52 1 800 953 1800, or email [email protected]. Call center hours of operation are 8am-12am EST, 7 days a week.

Guyana Civil Aviation Authority

Telephone: +592-226-1517

63 thoughts on “Information on Guyana Repatriation Flights

  1. Hello my mother a green card holder is currently in Suriname. I would like to get her back to NY sept 22. Borders between Suriname and Guyana is closed at the moment . Any suggestions?

    1. If you can afford to charter a plane, get her to Guyana, then purchase a ticket on Eastern Airlines from GEO – JFK.

  2. Bahamian resident and a Teacher. Can u please get me on a flight to maimi .flights are availabe to nassau bahamas from MIA . I am here since march .

    1. All you have to do in make contact with the airline and purchase your ticket. There are no restrictions for people trying to leave Guyana.

  3. Having problen to reach airline.trying for the longest was told only Eastern Airlines available. But they told me they are not responsible for passenger bookings .they are given a list of names. Can you please give me info on organisation responsible for this?

  4. My is Ulanda’ Moore, I email my reparation form with test results since 15 July no one reached out to me. My 6 months say In USA will be expired on September 11 2020. Can some help me please.

    Ulanda Moore

        1. There are no flights from Guyana to Antigua that I am aware of,but Trans Guyana Airways has a few flights planned to Barbados in September. Perhaps you can get a connecting flight there as both Barbados and Antigua airports are open.

  5. Can a Americans come to Guyana on repatriate flight when will tourists be welcome in Guyana is the airport going to reopen in September for tourists as well my husband lives in Guyana

  6. What about people who were born in Guyana, now living in the US and are US citizens? I need to get back to Guyana urgently from JFK. My family home has no one in it and I heard people are stealing things from it. I booked a flight since April and still cannot get to Guyana yet. Can someone help please? Thank you.

    1. Trans Guyana Airways has some flights to Barbados from which you can get connections to Jamaica. I will publish the dates and times once it is finalised.

  7. Hi, Is there flights going from Guyana to Trinidad, I really need to get back to home to Trinidad with my 2 year old son, we have been in Guyana for the pass 6 months.. it’s very hard staying here.. and also my son has grown so much and has forgotten his father.. who do I need to get in contact with here in Guyana to request a flight to get home to Trinidad? Please help us. Kindest regards Nareefa Hussain

    1. Caribbean Airlines will be operating a repatriation flight from Port of Spain to Guyana on September 9. I am sure that you can return with that flight if you make arrangements with the airline.

  8. Hi, i’m from the Nederlands and i’m stranded here in Guyana, and i need to get back home, is there any option for me!?

    1. Hi Terry, Trans Guyana Airways has some flights to Barbados from which you can get connections to Europe. I will publish the dates and times once it is finalised.

    1. It was reported in the news that the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is in talks with WestJet to arrange repatriation flights to/from Canada.

  9. My mother is b1 Visa holder and she was scheduled to leave in april, however due to covid19 all flights from jfk to guyana was cancelled , she is trying to get on a charter flight to get back home before she runs the risk of overstaying her visa, (actually she is already an overstayed due to covid) we applied for an extension of stay with UCIS already. What would be our next step or can you give us some advice on what we can do to get her home ASAP

    1. Eastern Airlines has flights every week from NY and Miami to Guyana until the end of October. Complete the repatriation form and try reaching out to the Guyanese Consulate in the US for advice and help.

  10. Hi I have my mother in law here in Guyana since January she is a American citizen her son book her flight since July for her to get back home but they keep on canceling her ticket every time he book it July they candle it for August then cancle it for September then they candle it till in November

    1. Which airline is this? Please be aware that the airport in Guyana is closed to scheduled international flight. Eastern Airlines has weekly repatriation flights to both New York and Miami at least up until the end of October.

  11. Hey. It’s eastern airline she book her ticket so what I wanted to know is that fight is going out of Guyana but why they keep on canceling her ticket

  12. Hi, I submitted the necessary documents last week for repatriation. The Covid 19 result is valid for two weeks only to get on a flight. Is there any guarantee that I will get a flight from Miami within the time frame? Thanks.

    1. There are no restrictions on Guyanese traveling to Guyana, but I suggest that you contact the Guyanese consulate in the U.S. for further information.

  13. Hey Wayne, I’m trying to travel to Guyana. It says the covid test is valid for 2 weeks to the time of travel. The covid test here can take up to 7 days to be returned so I got tested early to make sure I get the results on time. I plan to travel on October 6th. Would a covid test completed on September 6 be valid?

    1. Hello Deval, I suggest that you contact Civil Aviation Authority with any queries that you may have. The number is +592-226-1517

  14. Hi Mr Farley, I am accompaning a repatriating guyanese relative from the UK to Guyana, currently awaiting the results of the Covid tests, can you say if the flights from Barbados are likely to follow the trend listed on the website as no dates are listed beyond Sept 16th at present. We are looking to travel after the Sept 27th. Thanks

    1. It is hard to predict what happens, but you can reach out to Trans Guyana Airways on 592-222-2525 for more information on flight schedule. If any new information comed to light, we will publish it here.

  15. I am seeing American Airline and Surinam Airlines flights out of miami in early October. Why are they not listed in the schedule above?

    1. Guyana’s international airports are closed and no date has been given for the reopening. If the flights that you are referring to are scheduled flights, I cannot speak to that. When repatriation flights are approved and made public, they will be added to this website.

  16. Hi I am a us citizen. My husband is in Guyana an he is diabetic. I will like to go back to be with him . My flight was to leave on the 14th of sep . Then the say Airport close. I was told by the airline to fill out the repatriation form an also with the covid test .Am still waiting no response yet . Please help thanks

    1. The airport is closed, but Eastern Airlines has approved repatriation flights scheduled every week until the end of October. Maybe you can reach out to them.

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